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8 Tail Braided Flogger


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Make an impact in your next play session! Your partner who loves a little pain with their pleasure will love the sting of this flogger each time it lands on their tender flesh. Take a firm grip on the thick, woven handle and swing the eight long tails with carefully measured strength. How much can your plaything handle? When the ends meet their target, you will be rewarded with squeals of anguished delight. A loophole allows you to secure the flogger around your wrist during use and store it conveniently on a hook when you are done with it.

Measurements: 34 inches in total length, handle measures 6.5 inches, tails measure 22 inches.

Material: PU leather.

Color: Black.

Weight 0.42 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 2.25 in

Long woven tails with loose ends, thick and easy-to-grip handle, loophool for security and storage.





Vacuum Sealed




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8 Tail Braided Flogger

Availability: In stock

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