Magnus Magnetic Orbs Ultimate Set


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Master Series

Sadists and masochists will love this dastardly kit for pleasure and pain! Experience more powerful pinching with a set of 2 pairs of the original Magnus Orbs and 2 pairs of the XL Magnus Orbs. Imagine the possibilities! With a total of 4 pairs, you can use these devious and unique magnets on your nipples, labia, penis, or anywhere external that you desire a strong pressure. These orbs are no joke! The intense pinching sensation is even more powerful in the larger orbs, drawn to each other to clamp down on your sensitive flesh. Choose carefully where you would like to place each set of orbs! How long will you be able to handle the tantalizing torment?

Measurements: Smaller orbs measure .37 inches in diameter. Larger orbs measure .5 inches in diameter.

Material: Metal coated magnet.

Color: Grey.

Note: Includes 4 pairs total, 2 pairs of each the small and the large orbs, for a total of 8 orbs.

Weight 0.34 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 in

Four pairs of orbs total, Two pairs in each size, Can be used on various parts of the body for pain and pleasure.





Vacuum Sealed


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Magnus Magnetic Orbs Ultimate Set

Availability: In stock

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