Balls to Wrist Humbler


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Keep your slave helpless to your every desire with a wicked device that binds those pesky wrists to those pathetic balls! This unique Humbler locks onto your playthings scrotum in front of their body, while keeping their hands out of your way so that you can do your worst! Curved to fit in the crook of their crotch with balls distended forward, this device will apply a vicious tug anytime they try to move their hands. They won’t be able to shield themselves from your gaze, impact play, or any attention you might bestow upon their vulnerable cock! A hinge at one end makes it easy for you to open and close the Humbler, while the other end locks shut so that your slave has no hope for escape.

Measurements: 20.25 inches in total length. Wrist holes are 2.6 inches in diameter. Scrotal opening is 2.5 inches in length, .9 inches in width.

Material: Wood

Color: Black

Includes lock and keys

Weight 1.72 lbs
Dimensions 20.25 × 2.6 in

Binds wrists and testicles, Sturdy wood design, Includes lock and keys




Vacuum Sealed




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Balls to Wrist Humbler

Availability: In stock

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